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24/7 Battery Jump Start Service

Car Battery Jump Start Service

Car, truck, SUV, RV, and commercial motor vehicle batteries always seem to die at the worst possible time. The delay can make you late for work, an appointment, completing a project, or disrupt a well-deserved vacation.

The good news is that you do not have to let a battery completely upend your day or travels. Murphy’s Towing & Truck Repair offers 24/7 battery jump start service in Flagstaff, Holbrook, Ash Fork, AZ, and the surrounding area.

Our three locations all have multiple roadside assistance vehicles equipped with the tools and technology required to provide battery jump-start service for stranded motorists. We routinely perform jump starts along I-40, state highways, suburban areas, parks, and campgrounds. If your engine will not turn over, we can immediately send professional assistance.

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Why Did My Car Battery Die?

Residents and visitors are often surprised when they call us for battery jump starts after losing a charge. But like any product, automobile batteries have a limited life expectancy, and harsh conditions can shorten their usefulness. Although your car, truck, or SUV battery will need replacement at some point, knowing why car batteries die can help extend their life and avoid unnecessarily calling for car battery jump-start service.

Extreme Cold

The optimal performance temperature for an automobile battery is approximately 80 degrees. Northern Arizona experiences conditions in the low 80s during the fair weather months. When winter arrives and the thermometer dips below 32 degrees, car batteries suffer under the freezing temperatures. The liquids inside the product struggle, and the battery loses its charge more quickly.

Infrequent use

People outside the automotive trades sometimes learn the hard way that running the engine is necessary to recharge the battery. When your car, truck, or SUV is running, the alternator sends a charge to the battery. When you shut the vehicle off after lengthy use, the battery usually has a full charge. But sitting idle results in the product’s charge steadily waning. That’s why the batteries of RVs, motorhomes, and underused secondary vehicles fail to power up the engine. Running secondary and seasonally used vehicles periodically is advisable to ensure the battery stays charged.

Failure to Keep the Battery Clean

Part of our battery jump start service involves cleaning the terminals and cables to allow a charge to flow to the motor. Automobile batteries produce a green acid that inhibits power from moving through the terminals. This acid also corrodes the ends of the cables, preventing an adequately charged battery from starting the vehicle. We recommend cleaning your battery terminals and cables when you bring the vehicle in for oil changes and routine maintenance.


RV Jump Start Service

We understand that a dead battery can quickly dampen your travel plans. Our roadside assistance specialists are ready to respond quickly to your RV jump-start needs, ensuring minimal downtime and getting you back on the road quickly.

Murphy’s Towing & Truck Repair enjoys good professional relationships with Northern Arizona campgrounds and RV parks. We are the go-to resource for quick RV jump-start services in Flagstaff, Holbrook, Ash Fork, AZ, and the surrounding area. If your RV, schoolie, motorhome, or camper needs a jump-start, we have roadside assistance specialists ready to respond to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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