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Involved in an Accident?


As of January 1, 2019, per ARS 28-4847, if your vehicle was involved in an accident you must fill out forms (LOCATED BELOW) to either remove the vehicle and/or personal belongings.

The intent of these forms was to simplify the release documents required by insurance companies to reclaim a vehicle from towing companies after an accident. ARS 28-4847 specifies what information the forms are to have on them and specifies that these forms are to be used for vehicles being released following an accident.

Please Note: Making sure all of the relevant boxes are filled out correctly for each release and that all signatures have been completed is recommended for each release when these forms are used.

  • Section 1 (Required) – If an owner OR an insurance company representative picks up the vehicle, this section must be filled out. A detailed statement of charges owed to date shall be paid before release of the vehicle and this box must be checked.
  • Section 2 – If the vehicle is being released to the owner or lienholder, following an accident, they are to fill out this section.
  • Section 3- If the vehicle is being released to a Designated Insurance Company Representative or Third Party Designee (i.e. auction house, body shop or transportation broker), following an accident, they are to fill out this section. In the first paragraph, the insurance company would put their name in both locations.

Anyone picking up a vehicle or personal property must provide a government issued photo identification and proof of ownership as the bottom of the form states. This form serves as “An insurance company release pursuant to section 28-4847” and must accompany a government issued photo ID in order to be accepted.

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